About us

Our small family business specializes in catering as our main line of work. On average, we serve about 50 people for lunch buffets, and depending on the season, we also provide take-away meals for approximately 50 people per day. In addition, we have the capacity to host birthday parties and other events for up to 30 people. We have expanded our services to offer catering outside of our premises, and our capacity for off-site catering is approximately 100 people. This allows us to provide our catering services to a wider range of events and venues. We also have 5 bedrooms in the house where approximately 20 people can stay overnight. This allows us to provide accommodation for guests who may require an overnight stay, such as during multi-day events or retreats. We are a small but hardworking team. We strive to maintain cost efficiency, which also helps us preserve the brand image we have created for ourselves.

Rendi nõudping Cart
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