Corner of History

Veski Guesthouse is located in a renovated historical building that used to be a dairy mill in Kantküla. The building, originally constructed in 1927 by local farmers as a dairy and flour mill, served in that capacity until the end of the collective farm era. The current owners acquired the dairy mill building in 2011 and embarked on an extensive renovation project. The building had suffered from fire damage and had become worn over time. A thorough renovation was undertaken, preserving the historic stone walls while updating the interior. The interior design aimed to blend the old with the new, preserving as much of the original features as possible while incorporating modern elements. External architectural details such as natural stone and reclaimed bricks were also used in the interior spaces.

A year later, the ground floor of the guesthouse was opened to visitors. The former dairy section now houses a café, while the flour mill section serves as a seminar room. The guesthouse can accommodate up to twenty guests in its five double rooms on the second floor. During lunch hours, food is served buffet-style in the dining area. Guests can choose from a variety of options and create a plate that suits their taste and budget. Accommodation services are provided in Veski Guesthouse on the second floor, where there are five double rooms available.

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